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Roller Doors

A beloved choice among Australians, roller doors are a secure and durable solution for any Australian home. These doors are composed of horizontal slats joined to create a rolling curtain that resides above the garage entrance.

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Engineered to roll up and down on a track positioned above the garage entrance, roller doors occupy minimal space and provide access to the garage ceiling, offering additional storage opportunities. Roller doors are ideal for homeowners who need every inch of space.



Featuring a sliding bar mechanism that locks internally, the roller door offers excellent security and makes it highly resistant to forced entry. To further enhance their strength and durability, additional locking mechanisms are available.



Available in various colours and materials, our range of roller doors allows you to select a garage door that seamlessly complements your home’s exterior.

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For over 75 years, B&D has been making quality garage doors and openers. Their confidence in the durability of their garage doors and openers is backed by a 10-year warranty when purchased together for your peace of mind.

Hear What Our Loyal Customers Have To Say

"Quick timely response from first enquiry. Excellent communication leading up to service appointment. Thorough with inspection, and knowledgeable about motor replacement and accessories maintenance."

Lauren - Geelong

"Nick & Daniel did a great job, service was excellent, installation was done in 2hrs."

Martin - Geelong





The Roll-a-Door is an Australian classic and has been perfected by B&D over the last 65 years. Built with unmatched durability and security, the Roll-a-Door protects your valuable possessions and provides peace of mind.

Roll-a-Door Neo

The Roll-A-Door Neo allows you to get the extra space you need without sacrificing style by combining the functionality of a roller door with the stylish look of a sectional door.



A strong, secure and sleek garage door solution, the Rollmasta is a quality, cost-effective roller door option for homes, sheds and commercial properties.


Wind-Rated Roll-A-Door

Engineered to deliver superior wind resistance, B&D's Wind-Rated Roll-A-Door guarantees the proper protection of your property against extreme weather conditions.


Commercial Roller Door

Featuring a range of key security features and constructed from sturdy materials, B&D’s commercial roller doors are designed to protect your business.

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Why Choose Us?

Skilled and experienced technicians: Having skilled and experienced technicians is essential for ensuring a proper installation or repair of your garage door. We can provide you with expert advice, reliable solutions, and quality workmanship that will enhance the functionality and longevity of your door.
Use of quality materials: The use of quality materials is crucial for a long-lasting and durable residential garage door. High-quality materials such as steel, aluminum, or wood can resist damage, rust, and wear over time. Choosing a reputable provider who uses quality materials will save you money in the long run.
Industry-standard installation techniques: We follow industry-standard installation techniques to ensure that your residential garage door is installed safely, efficiently, and correctly. These techniques are designed to minimize the risk of accidents or damages, and they can also improve the overall performance and lifespan of your new garage door.


How do I choose the right garage door for my home? Choosing the right garage door for your home requires considering the material, style, and security features. You should also measure the garage opening to ensure a proper fit. Tee's Garage Doors offers a wide range of residential garage doors, and our experts can assist you in selecting the perfect one for your needs.
How long does installation take? The time it takes to install a residential garage door varies depending on the type of door, the size of the opening, and any necessary modifications to the garage you may need. Generally, installation can take anywhere from a few hours to a full day.
What is the warranty on your products? At Tee's Garage Doors, we offer a warranty on our residential garage doors that varies depending on the manufacturer and model. Contact us to learn more about the warranty options for our products.


If you are in the Geelong area we will come to your property and measure your door or assess your situation. Tee's Garage Doors will then provide you with an obligation-free quote. We are committed to providing exceptional customer service every single time we pick up the phone.

Our experience and commitment to exceptional customer service make us the perfect choice for anyone in need of garage door installation.


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